The mayors of the Wadden Islands call on.

Posted on maart 17, 2020


17-02-2020 Bij een enkele vakantiebungalow zijn er nog Duitse Gasten zoals bij deze grote in Buren op Ameland. De Corona-Ban heeft er flink toegeslagen. Zaterdag was het er nog vrolijk druk. FOTO JAN SPOELSTRA


Welcoming islands do the splits
The mayors of the Wadden Islands call on potential guests to stay at home as much as possible in the coming weeks. After all, all catering establishments are closed, joint travel by boat is not recommended and the medical facilities on the islands should not be unnecessarily tested.
Our government announced far-reaching measures last Sunday, measures to ensure that the corona virus spreads more or less in a controlled manner. The purpose of those measures is not to stop the spread, but to control it.
On the islands, we seriously adhere to the advice given to companies and residents. Many guests come to the Wadden from their own country and from abroad. Those who had previously booked and people who now think it is a good idea to be on a Wadden island. There are also people who cancel correctly. After all, all catering establishments (food and beverage outlets) are closed and even with less full boats you may run an unnecessary risk of infection with the virus. The islanders are also concerned: is the policy as determined by experts sensible or is it better to close the island off to people from the mainland until the crisis has passed?
We will not remain Corona-free on the islands either. In fact, as the Prime Minister said yesterday, we too must build group resistance. But together we should not unnecessarily test the limited medical facilities on the islands.
In a crisis of this size, the health and safety decisions are taken by the & nbsp; security regions. For the Frisian Islands, this is the Fryslân Safety Region and for Texel the & nbsp; Safety Region North Holland North. Municipalities can participate in the discussion and think along on these topics, but the final decisions are taken by the security regions. After all, there are the experts and we have to rely on that. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and we naturally respect it, but let us treat the different opinions with respect and let the experts do their work based on their knowledge and skills.
Our guests are always welcome under normal circumstances. But in this special period it suddenly becomes more difficult. As in the rest of the Netherlands, most of our facilities are closed and must be kept apart. So now is not the most ideal time to visit the Wadden. The number of guests who come to the islands by boat has already fallen sharply in recent days. However, in line with the call of the government, through our Prime Minister, and the RIVM, we call on tourists to stay at home as much as possible in the coming weeks. We do this to minimize risks for islanders and guests. The mayors of the Wadden Islands,
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